The man with the red cape happens to look a lot like Snow White's father, actor Noah Huntley. 

What do you think? He does look very king like ;)

Thanks to @krisfairy77 for pointing this out!


08/18/2011 20:58

I think it totally is, perhaps it's NOT Snow White's shield...it's his and she uses it later to give her mental strength. I'm sure the queen is gonna have him killed so he'll be gone and Snow White has her dad's shield so that it's as if he is with her on the battle field protecting her. :)

08/18/2011 21:02

I was thinking the same thing! The queen kills her father and she gets her revenge by fighting the queen in the end and having her dad there protecting her by his shield. Love it!

08/18/2011 21:44

Maybe it's the royal family shield and is given to Snow White later in the movie after Dad dies as someone else said. Does look like Dad. Just a thought.

08/18/2011 22:36

I noticed that he's also wearing a crown. At least I'm fairly certain it's a crown so it may very well be Snow's father.

08/19/2011 07:02

Nadia, he is wearing a crown! Thanks for pointing that out! :)


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