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THR: Given their public affair, will you make a Snow White sequel with Kristen Stewart starring and Rupert Sanders directing?

Fogelson: We're actively developing the movie right now with Kristen's character central, as well as the Huntsman role. We think that for a first movie out of the gate to do basically $400 million worldwide, there is a lot of opportunity. I don't think Rupert is pursuing the next Snow White as a directing opportunity.


While Steven Spielberg tries to figure out "Robopocalypse," his would-be leading man, Chris Hemsworth, may have found a project from another iconic director to keep himself busy. According to Variety, Hemsworth is attached to a potential Michael Mann project set up at blockbuster-maker Legendary.

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Best Movie 
Snow White & The Huntsman
Hottest Actress
Kristen Stewart

Favorite movie actress

Vanessa Hudgens (Journey 2: The Mysterious Island)

Scarlett Johansson (The Avengers)

Jennifer Lawrence (The Hunger Games)

*Kristen Stewart (The Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn: Part 2)*

Favorite female buttkicker

Anne Hathaway (The Dark Knight Rises)

Scarlett Johansson (The Avengers)

Jennifer Lawrence (The Hunger Games)

*Kristen Stewart (Snow White and the Huntsman)*

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"Secretary director Steven Shainberg is planning a new feature film that is said to blend comedy and eroticism. The Big Shoe, which was announced last year to star Jim Sturgess, has added both Kristen Stewart and Elizabeth Banks to its lineup, Variety reports. Sturgess will play a shoe designer who, pressured by his family to give up the art of his trade and go into mass-production, is confronted by a muse (Stewart) and a pyschotherapist (Banks), both hired by his family to get him working again."
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"Sam Claflin missed his chance to play Harry Osborn in the second installment of The Amazing Spider-Man, a role that went to actor Dane DeHaan, he still has plenty of work to look forward to this year. Most recently, the upcoming romantic-comedy, Love, Rosie, alongside Lily Collins. Yes, besides starring in Snow White-themed films in 2012 (Snow White and the Huntsman and Mirror Mirror, respectively), Sam and Lily both have another commonality."

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Costume Design
Visual Effects
EW also sat down with Sam Claflin, the green-eyed, dimpled Brit who won the role of District 4′s charming and enigmatic golden boy Finnick Odair, for his first Hunger Games interview. He described filming the infamous sugar cube scene, in which Finnick teases Katniss while wearing nothing beyond some strategically placed netting, as “the scariest moment of my life. I’m on Twitter and so many people have been like ‘Don’t mess this up, or we will kill you.’”

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Where is Finnick? ODAIR HE IS! 

You'll have to excuse me for using the typical Finnick joke, but how amazing does Sam look in this new still from Catching Fire? We love it!

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